daily life @ KKU

Today, at work, a bunch of us randomly happened to be wearing red. Even Raymond (the little guy in front of me). We spend a lot of time with the production guys as well as the tailors and they are a huge part of Krochet Kids. Before I came out here I didnt realize how big of a crew they have working behind the scenes. Along with the 130+ women...KKU employs 6 productions guys, 4 tailors, 5 assistant tailors, and 15+ people within the mentorship and business training program. The Ugandans we work with here are not only incredibly hard working, they are also so welcoming and genuinely fun people to be around.

L to R - Bosco, Wycliff, Raymond, Joska, Dennis, a friend of our guys, and Gideon

ALSO...I wore my goPRO to work the other day and I wanted to share with you all what a typical morning looks like for me. Enjoy! (and sorry if it makes you a bit dizzy...there is a lot of fast forwading involved haha!)


  1. Can I just say here that you are an amazing young lady and I just love to check up on you and catch you loving life and being beautiful?!!! ~auntie patt

  2. you put rend collective to it. I die. I love it all.