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welcome to the random ins and outs of life in Gulu, Uganda. 

Last weekend Maddy came home with a bow and arrow. We were all so amazed by her stellar market find that we immediately headed back into town to each get one. We spent the afternoon shooting our arrows at the jackfruit that hangs from our tree out front. 

 There is a tailor in town named Florence and most of the mizungos (white people) go to her to get clothes made. Last week she made me these pants which I could hear my mother saying to me, "those pants are crazy!" haha.
You can take the girl out of the west coast, but you cant take the west coast out of the girl. Aka beanies, flannel, burkenstocks, chucks...my girl Maddy is from Seattle and we were both stoked when we could whip out our west coast gear today. 

 This is the market in town where most people get their clothes from. It's a bit overwhelming because its basically one big outdoor thrift store. We usually walk or boda into town after work to pick up groceries or just go shopping.
 The main grocery store in town in called Uchumi and its where we buy things like butter, jam, bread, and snacks. Yeah, mostly snacks. As you can see here I have got my ramen noodles, lays chips, and a few apples. Not much has changed since college haha.
 rainy days! This photo cracks me up because for a moment you have to ask yourself - are these girls in africa? We all kind of freaked out when the rain came and threw on every possible layering piece we could. Also we were able to go through a lot of the messed up hats at work so we all were rockin those.
And to end with the best of all...ETHIOPIAN FOOD. So who would have through that coming to Uganda would mean experiencing legitimate ethiopian food. This is one of our favorite places in town called Classic Ethiopian. This is the special platter (usually shared by two people) with a bunch of amazingly flavored sauces and veggies all eaten with injera, which is like a flavorless rice like crepe that is used as a utensil. This plate costs about 15,000 USH which is about...6 USD. not bad for a loaded meal!


  1. You may just need another suitcase to bring home all of the new clothes you will have by the end of this trip...all uniquely YOU!

  2. love those pants!! and sandals! help me shop for some pants like that when you're back!!