Akot Beatrice : a success story

This is the life of Akot Beatrice. 

A former beneficiary with Krochet Kids Uganda
has since graduated to move on to bigger and better things
wife, mother, sister, business woman, home owner, farmer
owns three huts, a boda, a bicycle, acres of land
owns a herd of cows, a lot of chickens, pigs, goats
grows and sells a variety of beans, nuts, cassava, corn, bananas
is able to send all of her children to school
has money is saving and enough food storage to last the end of the year!
this is the life of Akot Beatrice and she is THRIVING.

this is empowerment.
this is progress.

*I had the privilege of traveling to the village of Akot Beatrice and it was a true honor to bear witness to her life in the African bush. Beatrice came to Krochet Kids with little to nothing, and after years of learning, training, teaching, growing, she is now living an incredibly bountiful life. Beatrice may live in a grass hut, she may be a simple farmer, a mother, she may not have a car or brand new clothes - but Beatrice is one of the richest women I know. Why? Because she is rich in the love she shows to her family. She is rich in the fruit of her labor. She is rich in the power that comes from hard word, dedication, diligence, and persistence. Author Khaled sums it up quite perfectly with this quote..

"It seems to me that, out there, people live more authentic lives. They have a sturdiness about them. A refreshing humility. Hospitality too. And resilience." 
- Khaled Hosseini, And The Mountains Echoed  

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  1. Truly inspiring!! (And I like all the patterns decorating the hut.)