sickness and healing

This week was an interestingly one - no doubt. It started off with a busy Monday editing through photos from the week prior and then prepping for a full day of travel Tuesday. Come Tuesday I hopped in a car with mentor Susan (pictured in blue dress) not entirely sure where we're going except "amie bring your camera we will be out on a visit" okkayyyy Susan good thing I trust you haha. Our first stop was group leader Cinderella's house. She has been having severe leg pain (she is young, only 24) and we were able to bring some food to her and pray a word of healing and blessing over her. I can tell it meant a lot to have us visit.

Next stop was the local hospital here in Gulu called Lacor (pronounced Lay-cho) where we visited one of our ladies, Florence, who they believe is suffering from Typhoid and one of our ladies' husbands, who we think was poisoned in Sudan. The hospitals here are a lot different than those back home, to be expected. Theres a mens side and a womans, with about 10 beds in each room. When we walked into Florence's room there were two men praying over her and we were able to join in and intercede which was really cool. But, the gnarliest part came when we visited Jaqueline's husband who has been suffering for the past two weeks. When they wheeled him out for us to see, he was clearly very sick. He looked tired, weak, had swollen feet, and just completely lacking energy. Mentor Susan (boss lady - i'm going to start calling her) was speaking to him in Luo, so I couldnt understand anything really, but I was putting together the pieces and soon realized that she was sharing the gospel with him. Long story short - this man has been a devout muslim his entire life- but accepted Christ right there at the hospital! We prayed over him, a word of healing and truth to flood his life! PRAISE GOD.

The day was not over yet. After the hospital, we took a 45 minute drive out towards Kampala to visit Akot Beatrice's other plot of land where her brother live. There we were able to see her cattle she has raised and the place she grew up. So cool seeing this ladies life come full circle and to get such a behind the scenes view of an incredible story.

And after a long day on Tuesday I came home ready to rest...only to be woken up at 6am Wednesday morning to a very bad feeling in my stomach. Ended up being sick all day Wednesday, aka laying on the floor by the bathroom in a mess of sweat, discomfort, and prayers. Thankfully our housekeeper, Kris, was home with me all day checking in on me making sure I was doing alright. She advised me to keep drinking water and to maybe go outside for some fresh air. The sickness was pretty rough for the past two days, and has since settled down a bit, although i'm hoping to get my appetite back soon. Being sick in this hot African heat, far away from the comforts of my bed at home, air conditioning, and popsicles is a really humbling experience. Over the past week i've just been super thankful that I serve a God who gives rest and peace to those suffering - whether thats a nasty stomach flu, or something more serious- I cannot deny the fact that He is a God of peace, rest, and true healing.


  1. So neat how your mentor knows the Lord and how you got to see her share with the man in the hospital! But, oh, no, about you being sick! It sounded (praying it's past tense) terrible! Praying for strength and restoration for your whole being, Amie!

  2. It's hard to be away from the comforts of home when you're not feeling well. It's even harder on your mom who can't take care of her baby from so many miles away!!! Hope you're feeling better, Chan :)