the nest.

Our home is quite cozy. I'm bummed grandpa isnt here to read this post, I think he would have really loved seeing pictures of what my house at school looks like. So this post is dedicated to him. For being the number one fan of my blog! haha. 
So...here's a peak into my life in the nest :) 

 we love our brussel sprouts.
 Natty sue made us puppy chow. yummm
 the view from our dining room.
one of the rules of living on campus is that you can't have candles.
so the moment we moved off campus...we went candle crazy!
 we always joke that this part of our house really makes us look like a family hah.
the baby clothes are for our neighbor who just had a baby boy, and the monkey..? idk? 
nati jane got a steal on this rug. around $50 from rose bowl flea market. 
the best nap spot. 
 we each have half of a shelf for food. 
 most of these are mine. oops
 with a house of 8, you need to be organized. 
 last year we got these chairs FO FREE. the best. 
 Here are all my beautiful roommates...in their natural habitat :)
The nest has been such a blessing. It's incredible. The coziness, the love,
the fellowship, the conversations, the food, the sisterhood, the laughs...
I know i'm going to remember the things that happen within these walls forever and
I am just so thankful to be able to share it with these beautiful women.

thank you Jesus. 

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  1. wowwww. looks suuuuper homey. likes likes likes.