home is where the heart is.

this saturday I was able to spend the day at home.
It was the best. 
All of the cousins came over saturday morning to look through a lot of Grandpa's stuff, to see if there was anything we wanted to keep. Grandpa's really are the coolest...and sure enough, we all came away with a lot of fun keepsakes to remember gpa sumio. 

Grandpa loved super glue. If we ever broke a doll, or a frame, a mug, or anything..we always ran to his room and he would fix it that day.
 sissy claimed this rad red and yellow table. 
 gpa's tie he just wore to Cherish's wedding :) 
 Photos of nana that gpa kept in his office. so sweet
 my nana had this awesome rolling storage container
 haha...we found a bunch of gpa's devotional books where he wrote on certain pages. This was out of proverbs and we all laughed at his response to "describe a time when you saw something like the nonverbal gestures mentioned in the proverbs above" "idiot!" hahahaa. 
 when we were little we would alway run to grandpas room to get games to play. We would slide the close door open and pull down our favorite one. 
 all of nana's crafts. so cool!
 Hunty found Nana's old glasses...back in style! 
 this was the gem I found! Gpa kept all of his important files in here and I claimed it for myself!
 Japanese internment camp photo. the original panoramic. 
 my nana was famous for her stockings. She got really into them and made them for every family member plus a bunch of other family friends. Its one of the coolest traditions in our family. 
my pile! 
 hunty having fun looking through.
 in the back of gpas closet there was a really cool old american flag! 
 it was so fun to sit there and look through everything with the fam!
 old photos are my favorite. This one is of nana, sissy, russ, and d? 
 ahaha...mom gave Hunty grandpas old cell-phone and it is the perfect size for him. If you go, "ring ring" hunty answers, "hewwol" 
 for nana's stockings. 

 It was such a good day. Being around everyone and just eating really good food, looking through all of grandpas things, and remembering all of the blessed times we got to spend with him. I really am so thankful for my family, for the constant love and support we all feel for eachother and the way we can just spend time hanging out at our house. Its the best.


  1. These truly are special times. Sitting around together remembering Gpa so fondly warms my heart. These pics are awesome - and the ones with Hunty & the cell are keepers :) Great job, Chan!

  2. Great photo jouranlism, Chan.

    Is there a way to cry and not look ugly?
    Eegads, the tears are flowing again!

  3. Good activity to document, Chan!

  4. Chan,
    It is sooo awesome that you capture such sweet moments! Thanks for sharing! I'm not gonna lie...I totally teared seeing the game closet!! Totally forgot about that, but when I saw your picture, I was FLOODED with fond memories. Love it. Love you guys!

    And I am a secret follower of your blog...you are absolutely inspiring!


  5. wonderful memories, wonderful photos...