busy bee.

BUSY BUSY. November and December are crazy months. so much happening!
On wednesday I head off to Mexico with school, there are around 300 of us going down there to love on our brothers and sisters down in Esenada and I am pumped! This past weekend was so great. Thursday we sat out at the soccer game (my new favorite sport to watch) and even though the boys lost, we still had a good time cheering them on. Right after that Nati and I had to get dressed up in our "grown-up" gear for our mock-interview presentation. It went pretty well, and it helps that my professor is the nicest woman ever! Then, headed home Friday to have lunch with the good ol Nomiooo and Dresser met up with us after. Then..LAKER GAME. finally a win. We got bobble heads in honor of Kareem's statue revealing. Love going to games with Dad. AND on top of all of that, grandma made me a scarf!! She is so incredibly talented and I love it so much! 

well...what ahead on my planner is of course, Mexico...then turning 21 at attending Holly's wedding, then making sure I get all of these assignments done! Praise be to God that HE reigns over all of that. Amen? amen. 

*ps my blog is whack and i dont know how to get the pics to stay in the right spots. hha oh well. 

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  1. Amen and Amen.

    Please close the bathroom stalls before taking pics in the mirror. Haha..