clean house.

"Clean house. time passes. there are deaths. there are births. there are weddings. birthdays. anniversaries. new houses. new friends. time passes. as much as its strange to move on, its strikingly exciting. In the midst of a new era, the start to a new chapter, youre afraid, hesitant - yet there is something beautiful about a clean house. a fresh start. a new way of seeing things. more dates on the calendar. more days in the office. more boxes to check off on your lists. more pots of coffee to make and cakes to consume. time passes. Yet - one thing stays constant. One thing stays constant through war, through tears, through hugs, through fights, awards, graduations, break-ups, through money, jobs, through family matter, through fears, through time. we serve an eternal God. He exists outside of time. outside of memories. outside of death. birth. outside of fears. yet He lives in each of our hearts. He is right there. dont you feel it? every breath. He's right there. breathe. He is still there. always. eternal."
-for Gpa H. love you. miss you.

(photo source: Dezeen.com.)

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