In the midst of such a tragedy...there is still so much to be joyful about! It's been really nice to spent time at home, its really helped the hurt, being around family, sharing stories of grandpa, looking at old photos, and being loved on by all of our family and friends via amazing comfort food :) The Lord keeps  giving the fam little "comfort sign"...things that keep reassuring us that grandpa in 100% in the hands of God right now. Like when D was walking out of the USC football game yesterday and his phone accidently called grandpa. He never calls granpda on his cell phone, and just kind of felt reassured that gpa was reaching out to him in some way. Or how in our family photo taken at Cherish's wedding a month ago, auntie Julie noticed a light flare in the picture, basically a rainbow that ended at grandpa's face. Or how he left me the most amazing film cameras..ever..or how uncle Mark's legs are stronger now...there are just all of these comfort signs that keep pointing us back to Christ and His unbelievable timing and love for us on earth. And, on top of all that...Stac just got her wedding photos today. A small gift to remember such a blissful day, such a day filled with family, love, hope, a new start to life, etc. Its still hard, but there is so much to be thankful for. We just have to let that override any pain or sadness we feel. Life with Christ is a life of bliss :)

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