Grandma has inspired me to knit.
she is an amazing seamstress and knitter.
she's known for her quilted blankets, bags, pillow cases, beanies, scarves, you name it.
so thanks to grandpa i've begun to knit.
I still need to learn from her the proper techniques, the patterns, how you end a scarf, etc.
so for now i'm just practicing on knitting needles i bought for $4 at walmart.
we'll see where it goes.
for now, all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch, turn on HGTV, and knit.

p.s photo taken from my pinterest wall.

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  1. Karah will be interested to know this. She has had a few knitting lessons from Grandma Komae. Karah would probably recommend crocheting, too. Did you see the crochet star wands that Cherish's flower girls carried? Karah made those!
    Have fun with your new hobby!