that time I saw mick fanning...

The US open of surfing is happening this week at HB...check it out HERE
it's pretty sweet knowing that a world class surfing event is taking place right on our coast..love it!
headed down there with DQ earlier today to beat the crowds, and to get a decent spot in the sand to watch some surf. The weather was beautiful down there today, and although we left before Kelly Slater and all them got to surf...I did walk by Mick Fanning...WHATT WHAAT. ya. I know what youre thinking. who is mick fanning? haha. He's basically a sweet surfer from Aussieland...whose wife is so cute and has a wedding blog called the LANE

anyway...no one really noticed it was him besides me. probably because he was so chill and looked just like a normal...person. I think thats what I love about all of this. Being outside. seeing the waves. watching people who love to surf. knowing life is chill. great stuff ya know?

all I gotta say is...i'm getting on a board sometime this year. 
and here are some pics I found on the US OPEN's website..sahhweeeeeet. 

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  1. Oh, the memories.

    When I used to go the surfers were, Shawn Thompson, Buzzy Kerbox, Shane Horan, Mark Richards, Dane Kealoha, Randal Kim, Larry Bertleman, Buttons, etc...

    Now, I can honestly say the only name I do recognize is Kelly Slater and he's old now.