Ansel, Res life, and 10 days without a shower...

YUP. you heard me. 10 days with NO SHOWER.
Into the winderness I go people!!!
This Monday I will be venturing off into the Ansel Adams Wilderness (see map below) to experience 10 days in the rugged outdoors with a 100 or so of my soon-to-be closest friends. I mean, how can you not love each other after seeing everyone at their worst/dirtiest? 
I get the chance to be an RA (resident advisor) at school next year, and this is the first step in the process. It's called "walkabout"...this wilderness adventure, and every RA survives it before they can officially begin their duties. Am I worried to only have 2 pairs of undies? YES. Am I afraid of smelling like a rotting tomato? YES. Will my hair be extremely gross? YES. Will I have to carry a 30lb pack with all my stuff in it on my back? YES. Will there be 48 hrs of solitude where we cant talk to anyone...and get to experience true nature with just us and God? YES. Am I stoked to dive into this insane trip into God's creating...YESSSSSSSSSSSS OH YES!

I'm currently stressed right now. because I have to pack everything up and move back to school Friday. Then leave Monday at 5am for Walkabout. But hey, how many people get to live 10 days with Ansel in his wilderness? yup. so thats it for now. You can all pray that we get their safe, that our guides can keep up on the right paths, that we stay healthy, and that we have an uhhhmazzzzzing experience in the great outdoors!

talk to you on the flip sideeee. 

ps. all these phots were taken off google. 
I hope it looks this pretty in person! 


  1. *That's "with Ansel in his wilderness". Uncle Ronnie loved his photographs.

  2. I forgot to mention that Ansel Adams photographs were always (I think) in BLACK AND WHITE.

  3. Can't wait to hear of your adventure, Chanie. You DO get to take Joel with you, right?! Yup...hope to see some lovely B&Ws inspired by Ansel :)