walk it out.

This is where is spent 48hrs of solitude with the Lord! Well not this exact spot...that's coming later...but this is Chittenden Lake, the final destination on our Walk about trip. GET A LOAD OF THATTTT VIEW!!!! incredible ehh?? This photo was taken by Mike Yuen, one of our guides who is a professional photographer. He asked that we not post it on facebook or anything to keep it profesh, but I couldnt help showing it off to all of you and i'm hoping he doesnt mind the 11 followers that I have (haha) seeing it. 

anyway, It's been non-stop since getting back from Walk About and I have so much to share...but for now this is just a glimpse into what life was like in the wilderness. I'm off to another staff meeting and will post ASAP!


  1. Boy, you can just look at that picture and feel the peace. God is amazing, indeed! Still, I think I could only stay alone for an hour or two. Haha!


  2. Pretty. Tell Mike that his picture won't go any further on my account!