i survived.

yes people. I'm back...and I survived!
10 days backpacking in the wilderness might be one of the craziest things i've every done...but what's even crazier is i'd do it again in a heartbeat. What made it worth it was the fresh mountain air, seeing some of the prettiest lakes i've ever seen, living in such raw community, and experiencing the simplicity and stillness of the voice of God...WOWZA.

we woke up at 5am to drive back to school this morning..and I am POOPED. I'm about to shower up, take a quick nap, and then i'm off to dinner with my walkabout team for our final celebration.

I can't wait to show pictures and tell stories and lalalalal...but as of now just know we all survived, the Lord is good, and it was an insane trip!

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  1. I'm amazed that you went on your blogsite BEFORE hitting the shower. THAT must have felt super special. Waiting for pics...........