life in U.P

 This is my home!
Welcome to University Park...my home away from home. 
We're lucky enough to have a huge field in A court...and a pool in B court. LOVE IT.
After walkabout, our staff has been having a lot of meetings, lunches in the cafe, and playtimes with our RD (Resident Director's) kids. It's been so fun getting to know these beautiful people and I am just so excited to minister and live in community with them! So introducing...UP staff '11-'12...

 This is Nati Jane and Kyler...our RD's kid. PRECIOUS!
 and ladies and gents..this is Brayden. The smartest kid you will ever meet. He will school you on any Bible story, can recite the presidents by looking at their pictures, and is so much fun to run around with. We're going to be great friends. 
 see what I mean?
 photo cred: Nati Jane
 Brayden and his best buddy Colton
 APU brochure anyone? 
 So Brayden had the boys act out the story of Jesus. He said, 'Colton..you will be Jesus because you have long hair." hahahha so great. 
 And this little cutie is Kyler! AHHH! he is so sweet!
 this little ladie is the youngest of Kelly's (our RD) kids. She just waddles around with her little legs..aaahh! Her name is Niyah. 
 mahhh gurl Nati Jane! We we're friends last year and God has really brought us together this year and I am stoked to see where He takes our friendship! Love you lots Nat. (p.s best nail polish..ever!)
 Megan O'Brien everyone! This girl is an incredible singer, and such a joy to be around. 
 Colton, Nati Jane, B-man, and on the right is Kaitlyn..she is a doll! 
 my favorite hipsters. 
This is Kelly..aka the man in charge! He is such a great leader and "boss".
I am so thankful for his position in this living area and for allowing us to be a part of his life and his families life. He is a great man of God, so encouraging, funny, and honest!

My staff has been such a blessing so far...and I really can't wait to see where this year goes! AHH! 
The Lord is so great, and this week is full of more meeting and logistics. You can be praying for continual enthusiasm and readiness for our residents to come. More to come!


  1. Sounds as if your term is off to a tremendous start! Great stuff!

  2. What an awesome APU family God has put you in this year! Those little boys remind me of Tyler and Brody!


  3. Ah looks like UP is going to be amazing this year! Wish I was going to be enjoying it this year. Can't wait to see you!

  4. what a fun staff! i love the kiddos too. so much fun. can't wait to visit you!