walkabout...the details.

Upon arriving home from walkabout, I've been doing a lot of thinking.
There is a lot that happens when you are in the wilderness for 10 days...and I don't want to forget what God showed me and what I realized! So here is just a list, of things I grew to appreciate, moments I don't want to forget, and reasons why the wilderness was an experience unlike any other...

1. a toilet is no longer a toilet, but a glorious invention that saved us from having to dig holes with a "dookie digger" for the rest of our lives.
2. the sun is the best, most accurate clock you could ever have.
3. God can teach you a lot when you shut-up, sit down, and listen. 
4. powdered milk is NOT the business.
5. There is something beautiful about sitting around a camp fire hearing people tell their stories. Whether short or long, deep or silly, it's what God intended for us to do. To share our lives with one another.
6. Mosquitos are the spawn of Satan. (i'm just kidding. that's an exaggeration. but they come close.)
7. I have a new found appreciation for CLIF bars...for they were the only food I had for 48hrs of solitude.
8. nature is ridiculous. There is no way I am doubting the power and majesty of our creator God when i'm staring at a backdrop of thousands of trees, mountains that are never ending, and a purple sunset unlike anything i've ever seen. wowsa.
9. a cold shower is like HEAVEN after being dirty for 10 days. 
10. simple is beautiful. 

There is so much more that happened and that I could talk about. But i'll leave it at that for now. 
on another note, our Resident Life (reslife) theme for this year is : CHOOSE JOY.
I'm so pumped to see what this really looking like lived out...choosing Joy over stress, tiredness, selfishness, insecurities, fears...and even happiness. Joy is eternal because it comes for the Father. It's honest, and fulfilling, and an amazing reminder of our own weakness and our reliance and dependance of a greater God! so choose joy people! 
p.s aren't these foam fingers sweet? reslife had them made of all of us..in teal and orange. haha I can't wait to wave them at my residents faces, or at cars as they drive into school..so great!


  1. alas, if only there were pics of the little 'seat' your butt was in during solo. but stories in person of headlight, left poop shoe and 'deet it' are still the BEST.

  2. I have to agree with Stace that hearing the stories of your adventure in person was a heck of a lot more entertaining. And yes, pictures would have been a great addition.