In the middle of a crazy summer...we some how managed to get the whole family (moms side) to Santa Barbara for a big grandpa-turns-80-aunties-birthday-birth-of-hunter-we-all-love-eachother-celebration! 
We rented out a house in Montecito and spend a few days laying by the pool, shopping, cooking together, telling stories, eating snacks, and just enjoying the time together. I LOVED IT.

Being around family...is such a blessing.
another way God has shown the ridiculous amount of love He has for me..crazy!

(also, on another note...I have this thing for B/W photos. They're so much simpler without the color, but yet so much more epic. So ya..heres a few from our weekend...enjoy.) 

 we have too much fun at pools. 
 happy camper.
Gramps and his coffee. 

more coming in a few!


  1. There is much to be said for black and white photos. Nice job, Amie!