we have fun.

we really do. have fun. 
it was just like the good old days growing up.
running around playing with dolls, stuffed animals, and pet hamsters.
except we've now traded all of that in for christmas lights, tri-pods, feather earrings and crazy hair.

needless to say, our last night in Belgium was so SO much fun.
we took a cue from a few people we saw in London and tried out our own "light writing"...hahaha that made for some precious moments. haha. anyway, we miss you over here Banksons! 
and thanks for introducing us to speculous (sp?)  because all I think about now is, "oo that would taste good with speculous.."


  1. magazine material...just sayin'. ~auntie p

  2. amie, these are awesome pics! you must take pics for the fashion dyad soon! hehe summer for me is almost here! yay!