the city that is Bruges.

As stated in the previous post, today is Russ' birthday and as a gift to him the comments on this
 will be under the picture. hahha. just fyi.

anywayyyyyyy....THIS IS BRUGES! whoaaa man. Before going I had to look it up online just to figure out how to accurately pronounce 'bruges'. turns out it's more like 'bruse' but pronounce the 's' like a 'z' hahah. okay well Bruges is an amazing city, I think I was in shock the entire time simply for the fact that the whole place looks FAKE! 
It's way too cute to be a real city, right?? 

(remember, captions on bottom)

 can't get enough of these perfect little streets
 french? dutch? who knows. 
 I'm pretty sure Thomas Kinkade comes to Bruges for inspiration
 The most perfectly aligned flowers I have EVER seen.
 how'd you like to talk from this pulpit!? 
 so cool...this is the real way of making lace! 
 Famous look out spot in Bruges.
 the result of me ordering a "burger and chips" bun anyone??
 are we at Disneyland right now!?? 
 Belgians love their lace. 

Bruges definitely goes down on my list of one of the prettiest cities I have ever been to.
The streets, the quaintness off it, the water, the boats, the horses...AHHHH!!

up next: a baby shower (not from Europe duh) and a Belgian flee market!!


  1. Kudos to Joel! Great set of pictures, Amie. Some of your sepia ones look like you just inserted some postcards in the mix.

  2. We can start a postcard business with some of your pics! Lovely.

  3. Amie... I like your blog... and your pictures!

  4. this city is my fav BY FAR SO FAR> wowie