so lately...

...I have been soaking in this relaxing SUMMER lifestyle!
this weekend I spent a lot of time with the Sibs, walking around ALL over the place with Jen trying to get this baby OUT! He is just trying to make things more exciting considering that I leave for Cat's wedding (in SB) the end of this week! All i'm saying is he better come in the next few days or we all might go a little crazy. The excitement is too much for us Komaes. we're not quite sure what to do with it. haha. and on top of all of it, like I mentioned before...my lovely friends Cat and Trevor are getting married THIS FRIDAY...and then a week after that I get to be reunited with my favorite OJAI FAMILY!

so sayonara for now... next time i'm here I better be posting about a BABY!
(photo: huntington beach. taken on my iphone)

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