2 YEARS OF COLLEGE....DOWN. WHAT?? how does time fly by so fast?
feels like I was just in high school...blink once and now I'm half way through college?!?!

all I gotta say is this summer is about to be RIDICULOUS. 
I can't contain my excitement. too many good things are happening..AHHHH!!!

for starters...

this weekend I get to reunite with these lovely people :)
we're all playing a bball tourney together in SD. stoked to see all of them again, 
seriously its been WAYYY too long!
THEN...BABY HUNTER COMES! sometime in the next month he will pop outta that belly of Jens and say hello to the world!! AHHHHHHHHH!

It keeps getting better...CAT&TREV TIE THE KNOT MAY 27TH IN SANTA BARBARA!
 Then to make this summer even more incredible I get to go back to one of my favorite places ever...FOREST HOME OJAI VALLEY :) better believe it folks. Its going to be one amazing summer and I am so blessed to have so much to look forward to!

God is good. AMEN! 


  1. i'm not likin' the captions on the bottom. (in a komae sarcastic kind of way)
    ~auntie p

  2. you gotta add a few more exaggerated sylables to the not as is I'm naaaawwt likin' the captions on the bottom. Haha. You have to live with them for a while and then you get it.

  3. iiiiiiiiiiii like the captions on the bottom! which tranlates to: def prefer them to be at the top to introduce what my eyes are about to see. change it back!