Paris, France (part 2)

whoaaaa... I took way too many pics in Paris.
here's part 2! 

Emi is a PROFESH at those Paris maps. Thank the Lords she knew what she was doing!
 our attempt at "holding" the tower.
i must say, this felt just as awkward at it looks. haaahah
 ahhhhhh it was such a BEAUTIFUL DAYYYY!
 the Eiffel Tower is amazing to look at. The detail of those small arches, the cross sections, the stairs that lead all the way up, the height of it....so surreal to be standing right under it!
 okay ya, i wasn't frightened at all.
 I mean LOOK AT THAT! love it. 
 one of my favorite things= the little side streets in Paris that just have so much character.
 To Parisians i'm sure it's a normal sight but for an American tourist...this just takes the cake. 
Pilot. Baguette. perfection.
 dinner spot! seriously...how GOOD was that pizza??! ahhh. 
 old school departure sign
 the words do the little flippy thing when they change...we we're so mesmerized by how it worked! haha 
 practicing our fishtails. 
 Paris sunset. FAREWELL FRANCE! 

Up next on the blog : BRUGES 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I had more time there, but since it was the end of our trip I just wanted to get home. =P

  2. The Eiffel Tower...amazing! Pilot and Baguette...cute. Army guy with gun, freaky. Sign...the simple things are so smart. Fishtail..cool!

  3. Nice pictures, Amie. Kind of curious, who is this anonymous?