The craziest thing about photography, to me, is that in that moment when the shutter clicks you have captured a moment in time that will never happen again. Maybe things similar to that exact moment will happen again, but that time, those people, that place, that day can never be exactly recreated. I recently saw a photo by national geographic of a portrait on an Indian girl taken in 1907. It gave me the chills just looking at it (see it here) not only because it was a stunning portrait, but because it was a moment frozen in time from over 100 years ago. beautiful. Anyway, it's been almost a year exactly since I came home from Gulu and every time I look back at these photos i'm reminded of that moment in time when my shutter clicked in the middle of the East African dry season. Maybe 100 years from now, some kid will look back on all our generations' photos and be perplexed and amazed at the way we lived life.

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