Stac is due with her second bebe this June...so we celebrated with a lunch at GRACIAS MADRE, a vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood. I was making jokes before going like, "should I bring some cheese in my purse to sprinkle on the food" or..."where are we gunna eat after to really fill our stomachs.." haha but after I ordered those sweet potato flautas I quickly shut my mouth and realized the delicious possibilities vegan mexican food has to offer! From then on all I kept saying is, "man I have to come back here...for these flautas.." *seriously, so good*

On top of that, GRACIAS MADRES has the most amazing decor and the coolest vibe. Not surprising to see some famous people hanging out...a few tables over from us Spiderman (the OG, Tobey Macguire) was chillen with his family.

It was really a perfect brunch with all the sistas and I can't wait to meet Mad baby #2!

Stac lookin so good with that baby belly and little noodle with her crooked bangs
If Anthropology had a restaurant...
The cutest party favors made by Good Morning Cactus!
If lemon drops were made into liquid form it would taste like this.
Karin's trendy drink that tasted exactly like I imagine old grandpa sweater to taste like. haha
Stac's horchata!
Vegan scone with coconut cream and jam...so good!
Komae and Mad sisters.
my flautas that i'm still dreaming about
fav pic of my sis and I. What a romantic couple shot!

ITS SO BEAUTIFUL...RIGHT?!? And Stac looks so good pregnant..right!??
*after writing this post I realized how perfect the restaurant name was...GRACIAS MADRE for a baby shower?! haha...THANK YOU MOTHER!

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