fact: We're spoiled with good food in Torrance.
Miso Chicken ramen from Marukai. I'm not even sure what the name of the place was, but its right inside the big Marukai. The broth looks oily in the pic but it actually didn't taste that way. Us Komaes are corn people so that was an added bonus, and the noodles were firmer than those at Hakata which was good! *am I a food critic now or something? lol*
KANSHAAAAA. Russ has been talking nonstop about Kansha Creamery ever since he went a few weeks ago and I finally got to try it. *Go on a Tuesday, discount prices!* The scoop on the right is Yellow Brick Road which has like cornbread pieces and some amazing brittle?? Yellow Brick Road...to heaven. SO GOOD.

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