noodle + chanie adventures

 Stac and Ant had a wedding to go to, as well as mom and dad...therefore I was left as the sole babysitter for little noddle chan! It was super hot out, so we made the most of our day walking to G&G's house, playing outside, cooling off inside watching big hero 6, and taking a nice bocha! We only had one incident (baby throw up on us both) haha but we survived the day and noodle was asleep at 7:30pm. I anticipated the fact that i'd be bored from 7pm-11pm while noodle slept, so I invited the homies over to hang out. best idea ever. So cheers to babysitting tiny humans and for learning more about motherhood than I ever thought possible. hah!

We hung out with G&G for most of the afternoon. Noodle ate cookies, played the piano, explored the backyard, and read through some old Japanese books.
Tiny baby shoes!
 Grandma made us bomb stuffed inari age that we ate for dinner!
 Maybe the next great pianist.
 After her throw up incident...noodle was happy and hungry to eat her chicken and rice...and to watch big hero 6 "Baaaa-maaaa" (Baymax).
 This girl loves her bocha bocha!
 Nomes, Kelc, and Emiko kept me company til Stac and Ant came back!  So blessed by these homies and their friendship over all these years. 

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  1. ugh..why is my account so weird..anyway - i commented on lenya's bath hair! HAhahah LOVE IT