JAPAN IS SO COOL. *episode 2*

-MUJI...aka Japanese retail store (where everything is simple and perfect) just styled a Narita airport terminal. Turns our there are two Muji's in LA! I visited the Santa Monica one recently and felt like I was transported back to Japan for a second as I looked at those perfectly lined shelves with tiny dishware and household items. Check out Hypebeast's article on Narita's airport HERE.

-I'm a sucker for TED talks. Most of the time i'm searching youtube for any new/interesting talks and this one was just posted recently about the architecture of a Tokyo kindergarten. How cool would it be to send your kids here!? The school fits 500 kids and most of them track over 4000 meters a day just by the structure of the place. Pretty brilliant to see the power architecture can have in changing the future generations. Takaharu Tezuka, the architect -website HERE


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