This last week has been full of surprises. 

 Finally made it down to SD to visit Nat and Marty at their new apartment. I loved seeing their life in the land of marriage. Nat and I hung out at the new library in town, ate insanely good *and popular* tacos from Carnitas Tacos which is a LITERAL 2 minute walk from her place. dangerous. Once marty came home from work we cooked up some dinner and then he took us out to dessert. Their hospitality was so encouraging and refreshing and I loved spending time with them!
 After a few days in SD I came home and packed my bags for a weekend in Lake Arrowhead with the college group from GVBC. A very last minute and spontaneous situation in which I was asked to attend as a leader to help cook for the 30 students coming. For those of you who don't know, I am by NO means a chef - but felt strongly that the Lord was asking me to be obedient to where there was a need. So, with God's blessing I managed to prepare food for the whole weekend and the good news is -food was edible and no one got sick. Hahaha. 
On top of that I got to spend some QT with one of my best friends, Kristen, who I had no idea was coming to retreat when I signed my life away as chef. Kirsten (Dress as I call her) and I go way back and we've been to pretty much every single Church camp together - so being at a retreat with her was extra special and nostalgic. The weekend was so full of God's goodness in all things. I loved seeing the diversity of the college students at GVBC and the way they formed a community amidst so many differences. That is truly a beautiful thing and I drove down the mountain full of encouragement from my weekend with them. 

I think God wants to surprise us all along the way. We aren't really supposed to know the plan, because we serve a God that orchestrates things far more intricately than we could ever imagine or understand ourselves. I find confidence in God when surprises happen and I lean into the obedience he has called me to in these moments. This week, this weekend, this season of life is full of surprises and mysteries around every corner and I am thankful to serve a merciful and gracious God who knows the plans he has for me.

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9

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  1. Hearing you tell the camp cooking stories in person was hilarious. You have sure experienced a lot of life for your young years, Amie! Keep growing!