fav people. fav place.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some san diego (or sandy ego as we like to call it).
Not only is SD home to some rad beaches and the best breakfast spots in socal - it is also home to two of my favorite humans, Liana and Nati! Thankfully the weather was glorious and we spent most of Saturday acting like we were 16 again. By this I mean...donuts for breakfast, swimming at Nosurf, froyo for snack, and burgers for dinner HAHA. Never a dull moment with these chicks!

*also the reason for our trip was Nati's upcoming bday - 7/28!!*

seriously, guys, these donuts WERE AMAZING. Maybe the best i've ever eaten?? We hit up this place called GOLDEN MAPLE and made a reservation because that place gets packed. We quickly ordered the famous "maple glaze bacon donuts" they have AND WERE NOT LET DOWN AT ALL. I want to go back just to get these puppies. 

Praise God for all His goodness!!! 
Happy birthday NATIJANE!!! 


  1. So I'm doing it. I'm making a blog! You've inspired me.

    Any advice??

  2. You have the cutest girlfriends, Amie!