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Today I had lunch with some of my favorite people. Akemi was back home on a break from dental school so lynz, steph, and I immediately planned a day to meet up with her! It's not often she's around town and when she is - we make it a point to get some really good food to celebrate. 

The three of us go way back to our awkward teenage years when we thought we were really good at basketball and were all in love with some junior high boy who we were taller than. Thankfully, we've grown out of that stage and have all moved on to some pretty rad things. I love meeting up with these chicks and laughing about all the silly things we used to do and how much fun we have traveling together. We are eagerly anticipating the day we get to travel back to Japan together! 

So I was getting all nostalgic and wanted to bring back some old photos of us hahaa..

steph, lynz, and I when we hiked to the top of Diamond head on Oahu. 
some random pool party? 
dland was always so fun with this crew
HAHHAA...ultimate throwback. Akemi and I in Japan circa...2005? This photo cracks me up not only because we (specifically Akemi) look like babies but because we were just so weird and had this long history with this donald duck that we won in a vending machine. lol. 

for lunch we met in at Anehiem Packing District which is this extremely radical glorified food court thingie in a restored building. The decor is incredible and it is full of small businesses selling the most incredible food. I was awed by around every corner and kept saying out loud, "Can I just live here? Can this be my home please?" We ate fancy grilled cheese and then treated ourselves to popbar popsicles that are way too expensive but seriously amazing to eat. 

I got a peanut butter popsicle, half dipped in milk chocolate with almonds, caramel corn, and chocolate sprinkles. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! 


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