Dad turned the big 6-0 this past weekend and we all headed down to San Clemente to celebrate. 
It was also 4th of July weekend which made for an extra festive gathering of beach bums and visitors from all over the place, and lucky for us we stayed at a house Dad rented that was a 5 minute walk to the ocean. 

Our family is pretty unique in the fact that we can all somehow slip away for 4 days and live in a house together (8 adults, 1 toddler, 2 babies), cook meals, hang out, share rooms, and not bite each other's heads off. A TOTAL blessing from God and something i've been more aware of now than ever before. So this weekend we spent a lot of time cooking together, soaking up the incredibly beautiful weather, shopping at the farmers market, playing board games, and celebrating Dad's 60 years of life! 

 The house we stayed at had a entire playroom upstairs complete with two indoor swings. YES, indoor swings! 
 Hunter and his adult sized hat. 
 Lenya (or scodoodle noodle as I call her) is seriously the cutest 
 Dad checkin out the swells & the sunset 
 Who need a restaurant when you have corn beef hash, fried egg, toast, and fruit! 
The firework show was right over the pier and we could see it from our street 
 We worked out a surprise dinner for Dad on Saturday night at this nice restaurant in town. Some of his best friends and our extended family all drove down to surprise him and enjoy dinner! We then drove to mom's cousins house to all enjoy Dad's favorite dessert - fresh peach pies! 
 Another huge part of the weekend was Dad/Russ/D's favorite pastime - surf fishing. 
Personally, I hate fish aka hate fishing...but I love the ocean and early morning at the beach so I always try and tag along when I can. This weekend called for three 5am wake up calls to head to the swells early enough. 
The house also had a mini zip line on the side. We had fun putting the babies on it!
 my little cam cam

ahh...so thankful for this weekend with the fam. I thank the good Lord for blessing me with people who are not only my family, but my friends. We all get along so well...and sure we have our moments of annoyance (like when I got 6 bagels instead of the "planned 7") but we get over it and move on and get back to the point of loving eachother and enjoying the blessings God has given us. I love this crazy family of mine and am thankful for them every day. 

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  1. That house is incredible - especially the playroom with the indoor swings and the zipline outside! Glad your family had a wonderful weekend celebrating your Dad.