Found the best spot on the sand. Nomes (Naomi) and I wanted to go skating around MB and stumbled upon a childhood favorite - the swings by 23rd. We definitely felt like little kids again and we were reminded that theres nothing quite like swinging in that salty air. 
 I finally got to meet little Ezra Sparrow Cornejo!! Cat (Ezras mom) and I go all the way back to freshman year of college where we met on Adams hall 2nd floor. That was about...5 years ago and since then we've witnessed a lot of miraculous things happen in eachothers lives but nothing can compare to this little guy!! I'm a firm believer that all babies are cute...BUT Ezra takes the cake and has to be one of the cutest little dude's God's ever created!! 
Hunty-man is growing up so fast and never fails to make all of us laugh. Today he took his tricycle out for a spin (wearing a full adult sized helmet mind you) and wouldnt use the pedals. He was pulling a straight Fred Flinstone and kicking his feet all the way around the block hahah. Gotta love him! 

Also a few funny thing he has said lately...
"My favorite part of having a little brother is when we got him from the Baby store. We got him for $7"
"I like Nana because she loves me. Every day I dont see her she doesnt love me so I need to see her today"
"When I grow up i'm going to be an artist."
"Bon Bon I am going to work now. I work at Santa monica at the toy store. Okay bye!" 

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  1. That swing shot is amazing!
    Hunty is just so amusing!