Our house has always been the hub of daycare.

Mom has been watching kids ever since my older siblings were younger *aka a long time haha* and most of my childhood memories revolve around the house being full of kids. Summertime was the absolute best because all the kids would come over to participate in mom's summer school. We would do a devotional in the morning, go on a walk, maybe help clean the garage or the refrigerator, eat a snack all together, and spend the afternoon playing hide-and-seek or basketball outside. We would even have theme days like "water day" or "olympic day" where we would dress and play accordingly.

In my opinion, this was the best way to grow up. The coolest part is that now I get to see Hunter, Camden, and Lenya grow up the same way. They come over everyday and we have a similar schedule. Devotional, walk, snack, playtime, nap time - etc. I love seeing them continue to grow and develop right before my eyes! Its crazy! There is never a dull moment with three kids and a couple nannies in and out of the house and I guess daycare will forever be a part of the Komae household.

Hunter loves to cuddle with Bailey. 
Camden and Leyna are 6 weeks apart and they're both starting to crawl pretty rapidly. Lenya is older so she's at the point where she can pull herself up on the trampoline, a bookshelf, the couch, etc. You'll put her on the ground and 10 seconds later she has somehow zoomed across the entire room haha. 

we call them "cousins twins" since they are so close in age. Funny enough, my cousins kyle and I grew up just like camden and lenya, 5 mo apart, and we have photos exactly like this as babies!
Hunter is growing up so fast and has the personality and head size of a 12 year old child *he's 3. We keep him pretty stimulated with letter games, puzzles, going on walks, drawing, and his all time favorite thing to do - playdoh. He has an incredible memory and says the funniest comments all throughout the day. He's also 85% potty trained *still pees though the night* and loves carbs (bread, noodles, rice, cereal, cookies...haha) 

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  1. LOL to Hunter's comments! So glad I got to see the Komae Daycare in action. You're a good Auntie Nanny, Ames!