Grandpa turned 96 the other day (7/26) and I felt very honored to be there to celebrate. He is a very wise and noble man, and somebody I greatly admire. I remember growing up, he could always beat my brothers in arm wrestling and any type of trivia game or quiz. He would also get giant grapes from the Japanese market and peel the skin off for us so they were easier to eat. His kindness was evident to me at a very young age. 

Now that he's 96 he is as lively as ever. He always tries to slip me some pocket money after I drive him around places and laughs when I tell him he's, "stubborn but in a good way." His legs may be getting old and his hands worn from all his years gardening, but his spirit is so full of life and history and i'm truly grateful for the example he has set for all of us. 

He is a man of such character, such discipline, integrity, devotion, loyalty, and wisdom. Happy 96th birthday gramps. 

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  1. That's a great picture of your Grandpa and a lovely tribute to him, too. He sure is a blessing.