vegas with my highschool besties

Growing up...all of my friends went to Vegas in mid-August for the Hollywood Dodgers basketball tournament. This was always a highlight of the summer, mostly because EVERYONE you knew went and played and it was a blast walking around to various hotels meeting up with friends, eating at the hotel food courts, playing arcades, swimming in the awesome pools, avoiding smoky casinos, hoping our parents won on the machines so we could go to more arcades...etc! So, this past weekend my high school best friends and I decided it would be fun to head back to Vegas to celebrate graduating college, getting jobs (or in the process of), and the sweet friendships we've had with each other! I love these girls! 
plenty of time in le pool
never a dull moment with these fools!
 our attempt at a group photo 
 thats more like it. also that guy seems very amused behind us
obligatory mirror shot
Taryn and Silvia took most of the photos so these were the few I mustered from my phone. 
anyway...loved spending time with these chicks. They are all so full of life, they make anything fun, they all love love to eat, theyre silly, hilarious, love to get dressed up, but some of the most down to earth girls you'll eva meet - love my highschool besties! 

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