Annual Hirano ladies night out

Every year the ladies on my mom's side of the family (Hiranos) get together for a ladies night out! I always loved growing up in a family with a lot of aunties and girl cousins so any excuse to get out and have fun with them is the best! Our first stop was a Vegas buffet that we chose in honor of Grandpa Hirano who loved looooved going to vegas. The food was unending and we all ate our fare share of noodles, french fries, and of course...dessert. yummm. Then we headed to Gable house to do some competitive bowling and soon found out that auntie Jill was a secretly awesome bowler! (she bowled a 167!!) 

Nights like this with family are some of my most memorable nights of the whole year. I love how youthful and fun-spirited all my aunties are and also how cool it is to see the youngest girl cousins become teenagers right before my eyes!  

 despite the name "seafood buffet" they had a wide variety of chicken and beef for me - yipee!
 very vegas'ed out
 two youngest cousins
 first round :tempanyaki 
 only at a buffet can you get soft serve, chocolate covered banana, AND french fries!!
 or a chocolate dipped watermelon
 all the lovely ladies
 In typical mom fashion- she made a rule sheet and teams for bowling!
 pregnant and showing
 secret amazing bowler auntie jill!! HAHA! Shortly after I was asked to not use flash due to its potential distracting capabilities...so I put the camera away and just enjoyed the night bowling with my fam. It was so much fun! We have a very athletic family I must say, so the competition was heated! 

I love my fam! 

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