a summer dinner outside

mom always cooks the best dinners. seriously. this lady is giving us some BIG shoes to fill. The menu tonight was STEAK with grilled artichoke, quinioa and rice! To top of this amazing mean, we decided to spend such a warm summer evening outside (best decisione ever). I love moments like this with family. simply the best. 

 now thats a lot of steak.
 Hunter, "CAN I HAVE A BONE?!" 
 the KING stance
Hunter is a little over two years old now and he is first and foremost the smartest 2yr old on the planet! Secondly, he is such a boy aka runs wild, get so sweaty, yells and screams like a wild child...and the good stuff. Lucky for us he is also sweet and his smarts really do help him out in the cuteness department. That and his huge head. haha. I love seeing this kid grow up. It makes summer that much more fun!

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  1. Hmm I missed this backyard BBQ. Hmph!!! Nice pics under the table and in the laundry room haha.