summer is fun!

Although I am still unemployed and praying for a job soon...i've really been enjoying how open my schedule has been and how much ROOM there is for activities! haha. So here's what i've been up to the past week or so...
helped out at VBS at Church and had the blessing of teaching 13 CRAZY.WILD.HYPER preschoolers (4 and 5 years olds) The theme of VBS this year was "Son West Roundup!" and we spent the whole week learning about God's faithfulness and love as we read through stories of Moses! 
 at least the kids were super duper cute. Here's sarah, caitlin, and nolan. DAH!
 I also found my DREAM.AMAZING.GAHHHH cabinet that I wanted every reason to buy! 
how amazing is this??!?! and it was at a thrift store for $100!!!
Emi and I found some time to enjoy a party at Gatspy's 
 I even squeezed in some pool time at Uncle Glenn's to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. Ignore the huge black mark on the side...the phone case was a little messed up. 
 then, I got to see this little gem of a lady! Lexi was home for the weekend 
(she works at Forest Home) and we ate a BOMB breakfast at "eat at Joes" on PCH. loved hearing about her life at camp!
and this same day was also Naomi's birthday! Met her and some of her friends at the park
and had a blast hanging out and meeting new people! 
 I had to make a stop at one of my ALL TIME favorite stores - DAISO!!!
 Everything amazing and Japanese for $1.50 - I go crazy here. I want everything hahaha. 
 Then Stac Ant and I headed over to G&G's to have Batayaki dinner yummmm! More photos on this to come! I took my camera. 
 I got a little facetime session in with one of my favorite humans - Kimi fish! 
she is currently serving the Lord up at Hume lake and I will be visiting her soon!
ahhh...and lastly I was able to see these two besties today in MV at Katelyn's second 
bridal shower! Lovely lovely day filled with really good food and the presence of my best friends.
love it. 

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  1. that last picture makes me want to cry. i miss them :(