BATAYAKI dinner at G & G 's

 Grandma and Grandpa invited us (Stac, Ant, and myself) over for Batayaki dinner! This is one of my all time favorite meals, and there is something special about the way G&G prepare it. I'm always amazed at my grandparents for their willingness to host us and prepare such a delicious meal...they are both in their 90s and are two of the hardest working people i've ever met. They never complain and are always giving us food, snacks, leftovers etc to take home to our family. I love spending time with them.

 hi grandma!
 Grandma's batayaki sauce. We always say that even if we had the recipe, it would never taste the same!
 always have to accompany your food with some hot green tea
 this was Ant's first batayaki experience!
 YUMMMMMM! so many of my favorite things...broccoli with miso/mayo sauce, pickled beats from Grandpa's garden, 
kuromame (black beans), and takuan! 
 Hannah was over!
 Ant helping Grandma label some photos
 I love gramps!
 time for dessert 
 Grandpa's report cards from his time at USC...1937!!!
 This is a testament to the kind of man Grandpa is...I asked him what his first job was and he pulled out this black book with a few pages in it. He had written down his income for every day he worked at his first job, a Chinese restaurant. He would write down his income which was usually around $1.40, his expenses (usually .50) and his total balance. After a few months at the restaurant he had saved about $60! And this book is about 70 years old - crazy!
 also, in that book Grandpa had recorded his expenses for a term at USC back in 1936..
.can you believe that books were $3 and TUITION WAS $145!!!! 
Grandma pulled out this old photo of Russ and Stac. 
Grandma always waves us goodbye! 

I love these moments with my grandparents. Theyre amazing people. 


  1. that pic of anthony, stace, & gpa and gma komae is beyond frame-able.

  2. that pic of anthony, stace, & gpa and gma komae is beyond frame-able.