well...all I can say is that my future husband (whoever you are) is going to have A LOT to live up to considering my 21st birthday weekend was QUITE POSSIBLY the BEST WEEKEND EVER. My mind is running a mile a minute thinking of all the things that happened, all the faces I go to see, all the love that was felt...but that will all have to pause for the moment considering this week is the busiest week of the semester..then BOOM next week is finals ++ graduation for two of my roommates and one of my best, Morgann! So, with that being said I'll hopefully be able to go into great detail about this past weekend once I get over this massive hill in front of me. But for now...I'll just daydream about using my NEW LENS in Vietnam (AHHHHH!!!!! freaking out gunna me so legitttt)

and a quick thank you to everyone who helped make this the best weekend ever. The good Lord put some pretty rad people in my life and I'm seriously, so so thankful.

**photo of sissy and I after the party with my new baby canon 10-22mm wide angle lens HOLLERRRRRRR!!!