This is a photo of me as a child. Just kidding. But it is a photo of my biggest fear in life and what I (sorta) looked like as a child. I honestly can't look at it too long, the birds...oh God...the birds are just too much. Well, finals are upon us. Last night we had our secret sister gift exchange, drank warm apple cider and talked about our favorite memories living in this house- thus far. Being surrounded by my awesome roommates in this awesome house is making finals week actually bearable!! And I really want to post about my birthday, but that will have to wait till i'm home next week and have access to all the photos! For now.. check out this post by my lovely mother on our familys blog -- HERE
also..just want to say how much I do live the girls over at MUCHOMUCHO - their style, free spirits, dance moves, creativity, skateboards, love it all - we're destined to be friends! 

have a blessed week everyone!
and one more thing to note... 15 DAYS TILL VIETNAM!!!

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