7 down. 1 to go.

 Thus far, I have successfully completed 7 semesters of college. If you do the math, 4 years, 2 semesters a year...equals ONE semester left to take until I get that degree. YOWZAHHH. Well, its been a pretty rad past few days, and it's only going to get better. Friday we wandered around campus staring up at the beautiful sky, thanking Jesus for getting us through yet another set of finals. (He always gets us through, always) and cleaned the house for Katelyns graduation party. Yesterday was graduation and I had the joy of celebrating with two of my roommates (katelyn + becky), my dearest friend since freshman year (Morgann), and not to mention some other amazing people that are being sent off into this world! Those photos will be up soon, and once again thanks to mom and dad for the sickest camera lens of all time. I owe ya.

well, its so so good to be home. Walked in to mom baking the best chocolate chip cookies, Bailey's running around like no one has given her attention in a year (shes a dog), and the news on as we stay informed about our brothers and sisters in Newtown. You know, its a strange thing to be celebrating the accomplishments of someone's graduation, eating amazing food all weekend, overjoyed that they have received a degree - while the other side of the nation has just gotten its heart punched out. I find my reasoning in the Lord, considering nothing else makes sense. May those parents, families, friends of the children and teachers lost cry out to Jesus. May they run straight to the Lord because nothing else will ease their pain. Only Him. praying for Newtown.

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