12.1.12 - so incredibly blessed

Earlier this month I turned 21. I spent the day celebrating at a dear friends wedding and spend the night at the camp that is most dear to my heart. Woke up Sunday morning to fellowship at church, then headed home to a 'small' family gathering. Little did I know, my family had something else planned - aka secretly invite all of my favorite people from school, surprise me, make me cry, and have my two world collide in a way I never would have though. Basically my 21st was off the charts. My cup was overflowing with the Lords graciousness and love, goodness and joy, and I can't believe I get to be this loved on. 

And I want to say - lately there has been a lot of sadness around. Losing Gpa, the tragedy at Sandy Hook, a lot of broken hearts and deep wounds, and I think that something we all should do is SAY what we're thankful for. Not just when that person passes, or when we're in a certain holiday season, or when we're really sad - but literally every single day. every moment for that matter. We should take each step in this life being thankful for what the Lord has given us and we should SAY IT! So thank you JESUS for all of this. For from you are all thing and to you are all things - YOU DESERVE THE GLORY!

so with that being said, here's my 21st. 

mom and dad decked out the back yard. I cried when I saw it. so beautiful 
 sissy worked hard to hand craft this backdrop out of sponges and paint. she knows me well!
 I love my parents. 
 sneaky friends!!!!
 immediate tears. I wish I could explain to you what went through my mind when I walked inside and saw all those faces that I love so dearly. overwhelmed. 
 one of my dearest - nomes. 
blessed. so so blessed. 
my nephew is the cutest!!!!
Rye and Dani
love my sissy 
 Auntie Marcia made my favorite tea cakes YES YES YES!!
 roommates minus two! 
 sass is in the house
 worlds collide!
 this shoulda been our 2012 Christmas card. everyone looks GOOD. real good
 all my sistas + their babies!
 to the best bro-in-law and sissy, thanks for everything
 my auntie Faith (who i'm named after) love you! 
Gpa and Gma 93 and 89 and lookin fine! 
 starting my knitting career 
 beanie from gma. 

BASICALLY THIS PARTY ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF....I was so blown away by the Lords goodness it was insane. Thank you to my amazing family for pulling this off. I felt more loved than you could ever imagine. The Lord is good and I give it all to him..because once again....LORD- FROM YOU ARE ALL THINGS AND TO YOU ARE ALL THING..YOU DESERVE THE GLORY!!!!

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  1. ahhhh the lens!! so sick!
    *reminder* we need to go to lazy dog..even if it means during the school year! :D