the home stretch.

Today I have an online 'Religious Development of Israel' test to take, plus a class to got to at 7pm...AND THEN I AM OFFICIALLY DONE. The home stretch. The next few days are going to be a whirlwind of hellos and goodbyes because Saturday is December graduation and two of our lovely roommates will be walking to get their degrees! So, tomorrow we're having all of Katelyn family over for a graduation party, meeting Becky's parents, celebrating, getting ready, and then really celebrating saturday at graduation in the morning. On top of all of that, most of the roommates are leaving the nest on saturday or sunday...which is really sad actually :( None of us want to leave this beautiful home! Also, most of us (but mostly me) are scared about leaving the nest empty for 3+ weeks. But...we do have one of our neighbors and APU alum, Vince, to house sit. And last time he did a stellar job or rearranging our cars and leaving lights on at various times to day to trick any robber. haha Anyway, back to the books ONE last time to study for my Bible final...12 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS WHICH MEANS 12 DAYS TILL THE LAKER GAME AND 12 DAYS TILL VIETNAM!!! AHHHHHH!!!

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