James, Ben, and the Lumineers.

I love good music. the kind of stuff you want to listen to over and over. the kind of stuff that makes you want to drink coffee and write a poem. hahaha. these three songs are at the top of my charts right now. I love their laid back style and the way you can tell they love their music. SO BOMB.

James Vincent Mcmorrow - this song is so sick. Also this video takes me back to walking around the streets of Amsterdam last spring break with the banksons. Its just as I remember.. //Think about it, there must be higher love//Down in the heart and in the stars above//Without it, life is wasted time//Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine// 

Ben Howard- WHAAAAT. If only I could play guitar like this dude. unreal. Also I think I need to be his best friend. hes just too cool. //we stood//steady as the stars in the woods//so happy-hearted//and the warmth rang true inside these bones//as the old pine fell we sang//just to bless the morning//

The Lumineers- just plain catchy. It'll be stuck in your head no doubt.

And to end with one last video...two great things combined - surf + music. A few people were at this show in SD and I was so bummed I wast there...love you Ben!

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  1. Literally everything I have been listening to lately... So good Amie!!!