C H I C A G O - D A Y 2

preface: day two in the city...I wandered. Yuppp. I had a few hours to myself (while waiting for nati to fly in) and I had a huge city to explore. I was pretty stoked to be wandering around solo. I could pretend like I lived in the city, I could walk at my own pace, I could stay in a store as long as I wanted...and I had no idea where I would end up. I heard a quote once that said something along the lines of.. "you're only lost if you care where you're going"...and day 2 in the city...I did not care where I went or how long it took. I just wandered. Stumbled upon the bean, the best banana bread pudding in the world...and the largest Macy's I've ever seen. 
pretty solid day, i'd say. 
 "cloud gate" is a really genius piece of art. I think what makes it so memorable is that it's interactive. People starting at themselves in it, taking photos, standing under it...people love that they can be creative with the bean. 
 outdoor concert hall. 
 Gino's East...WHOAAAAA....
 stranger danger
 Finally got our taste of real Chicago deep dish. YOWZAHHH
after I wandered for a few hours...I met up with Nati and Anneke and we headed to Gino's East pizza :)
Being in a city like Chicago...eating deep dish...wish my two beautiful friends...doesnt get much better than that!!!

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