C H I C A G O - D A Y 3 : F L E A. M A R K E T. F I N D S

day three in the CHI citayyyy...we started off with a trip to a flea market. Anneke's sister-in-law had the idea of heading to the flea market and it was well worth the trip!
my kinda pillows 
for our APU friends: I dare someone to rid this puppy around campus. HAHha
my future drafting desk...AHHHH! love lovee
baby mocs! 
When I have a house...i'm going to buy everything from a flea market. 
well, at least all my tables and chairs. and rugs. and mugs. and frames. and dresser...etc. 

more of day 3 on the way...


  1. Perhaps you should become a photojournalist. Very impressive shots.

  2. Agree with your mom...you really have an eye for these types of photos. I love the one with your friend examining the earrings on the screen. Glad you had such a memorable time in Chicago!