whoaaa. i've been a bit M.I.A from the blog-o-sphere lately...this weekend was full of friends, food...and living that summer D R E A M! I headed up to school for the day (Saturday) to visit my lovely soon-to-be-roommate Katelyn...and to see the HOUSE! It was a perfect summer day...we woke up, got some starbs, headed to our house (whoaa weird saying that), waiting for two of our fav people (Chris and Todd...who were both on our staff) to show up...gave them a tour...ate lunch at one of our favorite places PLAZA produce (yummm)..headed to the pool for a few hours...and then cruised on a mountain road in todds cat with the top down :) 
whoaaaa GOOD DAY. 

I must say...it's a blessing being around these people.

Then..headed home to celebrate Gpa H's birthday with the fam...and supported all our sporting teams in the crazy every-sport-is-happening-today day. haha. But...the weekend was just getting started!

I headed down to Carlsbad to visit roommie Liana before she leaves for the middle east in t-minus 2 weeks...eek! Had to spent some quality time with her before shes there for two months (prayers!). We spend Sunday with her Dad and step mom...ate ridiculously good pancakes (see above) and had a good long girl talk sesh on the beach. Then mahh girl Natijane showed up and we headed to Church (North Coast Calvary) for some time in the word. solid. THENNN ( I know..) we were starving and went to eat at the infamous Yellow Deli...best sandwich ever. we were pooped. sleep was easy.

We woke up Monday morning and were ready to do something crazy. we were just in that mood. So we headed south to nati's house and decided to bike. and by bike, i mean...go 10 miles to windan sea beach...then 10 miles back...then not feel our legs for dayz. hahaa. It was completely worth the trip...and I loved resting on the beach with the two of them. Lucky for us...we made is safely back to Natis and spend some solid time in the cuzzz (jacuzzi!). Her mom made tortilla soup...then we hit up rite-aid for some icecreaaaaaaam. 

wow. that was a lot. Did I mention that today I drove home...went to dland with Rylie...then met up with Kacy and Kristen to do Insanity workout?? hahaha...

I guess I wrote all of this because it was a FULL and blessed weekend. I got pretty spoiled in the friend department...and I am so so thankful for the conversations that took place and the adventures that happened. Thank you Jesus!

now to sleep forever...well...until internship tomorrow...WEEEE!!

so thats why i've been M.I.A. its good to be back. 


  1. it's too bad that you haven't been able to find anything to do with your summer............