C H I C A G O - D A Y 1.

 best part about getting a window seat.
Clear skies in Chi-city
 Views from the Willis Tower. 
 they call these buildings the "corn cobs" 
 had to get our fix of Garrett's popcorn. 

WHOAAA I really reaaaaallly like Chicago. 
I feel like people say that a lot. That they reaaaaalllyyy like something. 
But in all honestly, I think a little peace of my heart fell in love with this beautiful city. 
The buildings are uhhhh-mazing. The food is ridiculous. The people are nice. 
The weather is crazy (hot hot hot in the summer). And i'm pretty sure you can never be bored here.
Day 1 was well spent. Flew in, walked to the Willis (Skytower) building with Dad... snacked on insanely good popcorn...ate dinner with Auntie Kathy...watched the NBA finals..and crashed knowing that the next day would be just as good. 

ahhh...nothing like a good 'ol adventure in a brand new city.
"I'm in love with cities i've never been to and people i've never met"(anonymous) 

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