back from the CHI.

AHHHH.....just flew in from the beautiful Chicago, IL. This weekend rocked my socks and I think a bit of me fell in love with this incredible city. I love the buildings, the shops, never-ending lists of restaurants to try, mid-west fashion...and how the water comes right up to the city line. But above all of that...I loved spending some time with my Dad, and with two of my favorite chicks - Natijane and Anneke. Needless to say...I feel completely blessed and refreshed and adventurous...and I'm already brainstorming when I can go back :)

more photos coming soon...(I have a lot)


  1. dahhH! lucky lucky! i wanna go to chicagooo!

  2. I'm thinking that there have been promises of more pictures from some of your other adventures that somehow never got delivered, or did I just miss them?